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Mike Gunderloy

Image of rails developer Mike Gunderloy

Two decades of development experience spanning multiple languages and platforms. I’ve been working with Rails full-time since 2006. I have extensive experience in working with distributed, agile teams at all levels from project manager to developer. I also have a good track record for coming into large existing codebases with poor or no documentation and moving the project forward.

In addition to contributing patches to Rails itself, I’ve been contributing documentation to core Rails via the Rails Guides project and Rails Guts. You can see some code I’ve written or poked at over on GitHub. I've also written several ebooks, including Rails Rescue Handbook and Rails Freelancing Handbook.

In addition to my own consulting work through Lark Group, I am also a partner with the high-end Rails consultancy Action Rails.


Dana Jones

Image of rails developer Dana Jones

I bring over ten years of web development experience to the table. My skillset includes HTML/CSS, ASP, ASP.NET, C#, VB, VB.NET, Javascript, and XML, though currently I work exclusively in Ruby on Rails and other open-source technologies. I have worked as sole developer when the project calls for it, but am also comfortable working with team members in a distributed development environment.

I played an important role in helping get the new Rails Wiki off of the ground, contributing both content and editing services, as well as encouraging participation by other key figures in the Rails community. I am active in the Rails forum and in the Ruby on Rails IRC channel.

You can view my portfolio here.