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Welcome to Lark Group Inc

Lark Group is a custom web development shop specializing in dynamic web sites built with the Ruby on Rails framework. With over a quarter century of computer programming experience, our focus is on listening to our customers and delivering cost- effective solutions that meet their needs.

We'd be happy to discuss helping out with your next project. You can email us or check out the contact page to see other ways to get in touch. We'll get back to you with quick feedback - and there's never any charge for an initial consultation.

How We Work

We're not big fans of heavy development methods where the customer is forced to come up with a list of requirements and then the developer hides in a box for six months, emerging to deliver software that ends up being irrelevant. Our preference is to work with customers who will stay involved throughout the process, so that we can deliver value quickly and jointly home in on the desired functionality.

We have many years of experience working remotely with distributed teams, in both development and program management roles. If you already have a system set up for tracking features you want in your software, chances are we've used it. If not, we can help you get up and running quickly with a variety of easy-to-use tools that will help you communicate your needs and desires.

Our priority is making sure that our customers get what they need, and that you have a continuing chance to evaluate costs, priorities, and results. We won't mislead you about how long something will take, or commit to features that we can't deliver.

Why We Use Rails

At Lark Group, we switched to developing web sites using Rails in 2006. It's a decision that we (and our customers) have never regretted. Working with Rails offers substantial benefits:

  • Rails makes it possible to deliver dynamic web sites quickly, minimizing your investment in paying consultants
  • Rails is under active development (and we're working directly with the development team), meaning that it keeps up with the latest ideas and standards
  • With Rails, all of your software is open source, meaning you only pay for development and hosting. This can save you thousands of dollars in licensing fees
These are Lark Group's rails development design examples